Remodeling can dramatically improve your home’s livability, make it more attractive, and can boost your property value.  

Even if you’ve never thought of remodeling, consider the following locations in your home, and imagine whether you could improve them:

  • Kitchen
  • Master bathroom
  • Living room
  • Outdoor landscaping
  • Patio / deck

If you can think of obvious improvements to any of these locations, or if you’re planning on buying a home that requires remodeling, the 203k loan could be for you.

203k loans provide financing for home remodeling and repairs.
Designed specifically for remodeling projects and home improvements, 203k loans combine the costs of your home purchase (or mortgage refinance) with the cost of remodeling construction.

203k loans are FHA-backed, and follow eligibility requirements of a standard FHA mortgage. For this loan, you’ll be required to have a home appraisal, and any remodeling work generally must be performed by licensed professionals.

203k loan options
There are two 203k loans to choose from. The loan you select will depend on the size and scale of your remodeling project and its costs.


  1. Standard 203k loan
    Designed for large projects costing over $35,000 and/or homes needing structural changes.

    Types of projects ideal for the Standard 203k include adding a second story to your home, a new garage, decking, replacing plumbing, moving walls, and significant landscaping.

    If your home will be uninhabitable during the renovations, the Standard 203k loan is required, and there’s a $5,000 loan minimum.
  2. Streamlined 203k loan
    Designed for remodeling projects and upgrades costing under $35,000

    Types of projects ideal for the Streamlined 203k include replacing existing flooring, adding new roofing, weatherization of windows and doors, installing new appliances, and interior / exterior painting

    With a Streamlined 203k loan, your home is required to be habitable during the renovation period, and there is no loan minimum.

Contact me to learn more about the 203k loan
Whether you want to make small home upgrades and repairs, or transform your home into your dream home, the 203k loan can help make it happen!

If you have questions about this loan, or would like to apply, contact me today!


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